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Homebrew Session – Witbier

There is a first time for everything and this is my first attempt at brewing a Belgian Witbier style. Despite it’s light, very pale color, this is a beer chalk with flavor. Yet, it’s effervescent and light on the palette. … Continue reading

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BetterBeerBlog Presents: Spring Fling Beer and Food Event

It’s been a few months since our last Beer and Food Event. Some past attendees have been asking us when our next event will be and the good news is that it will be soon! With the weather improving day … Continue reading

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Beer tax – Assemblyman Jim Beall proposes beer tax… again

Normally I try and refrain from using any sort of profanity on this website. I think there are other ways of conveying your message without the use of profanity but in this instance, there’s just no other way of saying … Continue reading

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Upcoming Beer Festivals, Part 3

The beer festival season seemed to hit a peak for BetterBeerBlog with the 12th Annual Legendary Boonville Beer Fest but that doesn’t mean that’s the only festival around. These beer festivals just came across my desk this early afternoon so … Continue reading

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A BetterBeerBlog Brewing Company?

It took some time but my kegerator has arrived and is now up and running! I purchase the Haier HBF05EBSS-2 Dual Faucet Kegerator with Stainless Steel Door from the Beverage Factory and so far, so good but as always, it … Continue reading

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12th Annual Boonville Beer Fest Recap

What a weekend! Man! Before I go off for the next 10,000 words recapping the Boonville Beer Fest, I would like to thank Jeremy, Ashley and Jen from New Belgium Brewing Company for giving us the opportunity to tag along … Continue reading

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Spotlight On: Toad in the Hole

If all you did was base your perceptions of a place strictly on their website, you’d think Toad in the Hole was going to be some Hole in the Wall kind of English style pub. Their website is horrible. HO-riffic … Continue reading

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New brewery at Russian River Brewing Company is up and running!

Just checked my email this morning and it looks like Russian River’s new brewery is up and running! Vinnie and crew pulled a 15 hour workday on Thursday the 8th to produce their first batch of beer, called “Consecration”. It’s … Continue reading

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Boonville or Bust!

This weekend is the 12th Annual Boonville Beer Fest sponsored by Anderson Valley Brewing Company (AVBC). I wrote about the details in a past post but I’ll just rehash it here to save you the trouble: 12th Annual Legendary Beer … Continue reading

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Taking the BJCP Exam

Last Saturday, May 3rd, I drove up to Toronado in San Francisco to take the BJCP examination to become a beer judge. This is something I’ve been working towards for the past 3 months or so. If you’ve been keeping … Continue reading

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