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On the Horizon

Way back in my younger years, I tried to keep organized by carrying around a day planner. The plan was to get my life organized. I was to have all my contact numbers at my fingertips just in case I … Continue reading

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Spotlight On: Flavor Bistro

This post is pretty much a continuation from our Safari West Weekend. You can read Part 1 here. I broke this weekend up into smaller chunks to avoid one massive post. Those are hard to write and I’m sure they’re … Continue reading

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Belgian Beer Tasting at The Trappist: Dubbels and Tripels

The first time we were at The Trappist, Sammy and I ran across a flyer that promoted a Belgian beer tasting class to be hosted at The Trappist by Nicole and Nate. Unfortunately, we didn’t RSVP soon enough so we … Continue reading

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Spotlight On: Sweet Spot Pub & Grill

This post is way overdue, almost by two weeks. Things have been very busy “behind the scenes” here at the BetterBeerBlog and as a result, my postings have been less frequent. In order to spare you the pain that was … Continue reading

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Mead Day

Mead Day? What’s Mead Day? First of all, what the hell is Mead? According to, home of the Brewer’s Association, this is what mead is: To put it simply, mead is a fermented beverage made from honey which is … Continue reading

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East Bay Brewery Tour/33rd Birthday Recap

Another year has come and gone. Once you get past 30, time seems to go by so quickly. I feel the mortality of it all, the fleetingness of moments and the ever increasing rush of things. My gut’s a little … Continue reading

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International Brewers’ Day: Steve Donahue

Jay Brooks of the Brookston Beer Bulletin had the sparkling idea to name July 18 as International Brewers Day. Helping to not only spread the word but to contribute, I headed over to Firehouse Brewery in Sunnyvale to have some … Continue reading

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The Local Brewery

Went to Gordon Biersch (GB) tonight for dinner. No special reason other than I received a “Free entrée with purchase of another entrée” coupon for my birthday. I ordered the sea bass and had the blonde bock along with it … Continue reading

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Anheuser-Busch agrees to InBev Buyout offer

The title pretty much says it all. You can read about the specifics at this NPR article. A-B has agreed to be bought out by Belgian brewing giant InBev for $70/share, or $52 Billion dollars. Unless you’ve been living in … Continue reading

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Back and Ready to Post

This will be a short post. Just letting folks know I’m back and regular posting will resume this week. There’s a lot to write about and a ton of photos. In the meantime, you can view the newest addition to … Continue reading

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