The Session #22: What does the repeal of Prohibition mean to you?

the SessionI will be the first to admit that I am no expert on beer history. I can scarcely remember my mother’s own birthday, let alone trying to remember what could be argued as the single most important event in American brewing history: the repeal of Prohibition.

What does Prohibition mean to me?

Frankly, the true weight and significance is lost upon me. It’s like kids nowadays, for them, the Internet was always around. As far as they are able to remember, they could always Google or YouTube. With me, the right to drink alcohol has always been. Even when I didn’t want a beer, it was always available. The thought that at one point in our history we couldn’t brew alcohol, beer by extension, is baffling to me. The biggest question would be, “Why?”. I’ve often heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

In the short-term, the repeal of Prohibition means that I can drink and make beer as well as blog about it. This blog wouldn’t have existed otherwise as there’d be nothing to write about. The repeal of Prohibition means that I still have a future to look forward to.

It also means I have a past to cherish. The repeal of Prohibition has allowed me to visit places I have never been to in search of a beer most sublime. The repeal has given me the opportunity to meet people I never would’ve spoken to in the past. The 21st Amendment repealing Prohibition (18th Amendment, actually) has given me some of the best memories in my life so far.

How will you celebrate your right to drink beer?

By drinking a beer, of course. It’s only fitting that I celebrate the repeal of that act by indulging in that act directly. But where to go? San Francisco’s very aptly named 21st Amendment brewery is having a huge 75th Anniversary event to celebrate. I could go there. I could also decide to keep things local by visiting a promising restaurant here in San Jose with an extensive bottle list of Belgian beers. Just know that where ever I am, I will have a beer in hand.

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