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Mayfield Brewing Company 2008 Vintage Tasting

By the time Sammy and I pulled into our parking space, it is 15 minutes past the time Mayfield Brewing Company opened their doors. A select few of us had been invited to Mayfield to be one of the very … Continue reading

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Homebrew Session: Saison

This beer was my first attempt at a Belgian ale. I like to drink them but have never brewed them and I was eager to brew this beer, get my feet wet and see what the result would be. I … Continue reading

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Back to School Beerfest at Wine Affairs

Short post this time. Wine Affairs in downtown San Jose is having a Back to School Beerfest. I’ve copied and pasted their email below, it’s complete with all the details: Wine Affairs Back to School Beerfest 20+ Beers, up to … Continue reading

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Hopinions: The Role of the Beer Blogger

Something that’s been weighing on my mind lately: what is the role of the Beer Blogger? Traditionally speaking, blogs were just online versions of diaries or journals. Content consisted of whatever the author wanted to talk about at that moment … Continue reading

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Summer Tasting & Fundraiser at Rock Bottom Recap

Interesting times at the Summer Tasting Fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure event at Rock Bottom last night. Turnout for the event was much better than anticipated, especially with the apparent lack of promotion. As with the … Continue reading

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Summer Tasting & Fundraiser

Update: Based upon what little the guy at Rock Bottom told me not more than 5 minutes ago, it’s $15 to get in and he believes you receive a tasting glass. Hopefully that’s the case but he didn’t sound too … Continue reading

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Homebrew Session: Summer Cider

A very good friend of mine recently got married. Due to a variety of reasons, they postponed their wedding reception for a couple of months. The reception was low-key and very casual. It was held at a local park and … Continue reading

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Eat Real Festival in Oakland

The Eat Real Festival will be happening in Oakland August 28-30. What is the Eat Real Festival, you say? Well, here’s a little tidbit I picked up from their website: Founded in 2008, Eat Real Festival is a social venture … Continue reading

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Short Pour Film Fest at 2010 Monterey Beer Festival

Got this request in my inbox early this week. For all you beer-loving filmmakers, the 2010 Monterey Beer Festival will be debuting the Short Pour Film Fest. I don’t have too much information on this outside of the press release … Continue reading

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Announcing The Session #31: Summer Beers

I remember being a kid and riding my bike everywhere I went. Nothing was more satisfying to me back in the day than to come home from a long, summertime bike ride and putting back an ice cold glass of … Continue reading

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