The Session #31: Summer Beer Roundup

I’d like to thank everyone for participating in this month’s Session. As the Summer is giving way to the Fall, I thought it’s be nice if we could all recount the “Best Summer Beer” we had. You can read my own contribution here, but it’s always more fun to read what everyone else has written to say. Without further ado, here’s the Session Round up:

  • After a beer filled weekend in the Sun, Jesse from York Beer Blog gives it up to the local guys.
  • Derrick from Bay Area Beer Runner gives a comprehensive list of summer favorites from “Favorite Summer Beer to Witness Another Disappointing Chicago Cubs Baseball Season” to “Favorite Summer Beer That I Couldn’t Come Up with a Category For, But Wanted to Mention Anyway” before narrowing it down to his pen-ultimate Summer Beer favorite.
  • Enjoying their time at the Hilden Festival, the Beer Nut tried many blondes but it was Mrs. Beer Nut that coined the term JAGA.
  • An avid fan of porters and stouts, The Barley Blog has changed things up and a canned IPA from a favorite Bay Area brewery makes the top of the list.
  • A first time contributor to the Session, Twin Beer not only drank their favorite summer beer but met the brewer behind it!
  • The Beer Dork‘s memorable summer beer doubles as a time machine that sent him back to his softball smashing past at a bar with a criminally bad beer list.
  • Unseasonably warm weather has Beers, Beers, Beers grabbing for cold and wet beers. To my surprise, he choose beers from a brewery available to me at a local pub.
  • Our neighbors to the north, BeerTaster, picked a pair of beers from local craft breweries as their favorite summer beers… as long as you ignore “Bud Lite Lime”.
  • Disappointed by the French Eurolagers he drank this past summer, Beer Sagas takes but back in time and back to the Czech Republic for some of his favorite beers.
  • Mario from Brewed for Thought quenches his bike induced thirst with a cool, crisp Kellerbier.
  • Brian from Red, White and Brew found his favorite summer beer in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
  • Summer sun and fun equals hoppy times for the Reluctant Scooper.
  • A Good Beer blog goes against the grain and throws back “drinks that clink” on those hot, summer days. Can’t say I blame him as I’ve recently discovered Gin and Tonics this summer.
  • With the Houston heat reaching, “Holy Shit, It’s Hot!” status, The Pint Log held a mini-summer beer fest of his own and the winner, by a small margin, is the local favorite…
  • Although torn on the idea of “favorite”, The Brew Site manages to pick one out.
  • David from Beer47 doesn’t have just one favorite but six! OF course, if I was in Belgium I’d probably have just as many.
  • Thomas from Yours for Good Fermentables has a bittersweet favorite this season. I need to call around and see if I can find his favorite before it’s long gone.
  • Captain Hops’ has three haikus that succinctly wrap up his summer experience at Hilton Head Island.
  • Finally, Jay Brooks from Brookston Beer Bulletin recalls a summer of drinking cask-conditioned ales in London.

If I forgot to list your post, please shoot me another email and I’ll gladly add you to the roundup! Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this month’s Session. I appreciate all your posts and stories! Next month’s Session is hosted by Girl Likes Beer. She is currently on holiday and I hope she has fun and returns to us invigorated as she hasn’t submitted what next month’s Session will be.

Girl Likes Beer has just recently contacted me with next months topic: head east my friends!

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5 Responses to The Session #31: Summer Beer Roundup

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  2. Captain Hops says:

    Looks like my entry didn’t make the roundup.

  3. Chris says:

    Awesome roundup!

    Thanks again for hosting!

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