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Brew day at Firehouse Brewery Recap

About a week ago, I was finally able to realize a small goal of mine: brew professionally. Well, I should probably be a little more clear, I helped brew my first professional beer. I’ve been in talks with Firehouse brewmaster … Continue reading

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‘Cause that’s how I roll

Currently working on another of my more lengthy blog posts but in the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to the two latest additions to my blog roll. First up is Operation Monthly. The premise of the blog is simple: … Continue reading

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Maytag sells Anchor Brewing Company to the Griffin Group

Update 3: Hopefully this will be the final update. Fritz Maytag and owner-to-be Keith Greggor went on KQED this morning to answer a few questions regarding the deal. Some of what I wrote about below is confirmed in the interview. … Continue reading

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Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Beer Dinner at Anchor Steam Recap

In an age where 8 out of 10 business fail, making it to year 3 is considered to be a success. Now, multiply that times 10 and what you get is Sierra Nevada Brewing Company – one of the pioneers … Continue reading

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2010 Triple Rock Firkin Festival Tomorrow

Triple Rock Brewery in Berkeley is having their Annual Firkin Festival tomorrow. What’s a firkin you say? Well, in “olden times”, it was an English unit of measurement equal to “a fourth of a barrel”. So, depending on who was … Continue reading

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Beer in Review: Firehouse Meaghan’s Maibock

Every year, there are time tested signs that let us know Spring is here. Plants begin to grow and flower, while allergies begin to rage. The sun starts to set a little bit later each and every day and the … Continue reading

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Product in Review: Glynne’s Beer Soap – Scotch Ale

I don’t remember if it was I who approached Glynne’s Soaps or if it was they who approached the Twitterverse but three bars of their beer soap were sent my way. This was months ago. I never took the time … Continue reading

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Hopinions: Would you like to try my Wu-Tang style?

I recently attended new beer tapping at one of my local brewpubs. As usual, I had a great time at the event and did my write up a day or so later. The brewmaster wrote back to me commenting on … Continue reading

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Wine Affairs now has Pliny the Elder on tap

My favorite wine bar, Wine Affairs, has just announced vie email blast that they are now carrying Russian River’s Pliny the Elder (PtE) on tap. I’ve gotten some advanced warning of this from the local homebrew clubs but Wine Affairs … Continue reading

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Rock Bottom Naughty Scot Tapping Recap

After going to the Gordon Biersch Maibock Tapping Party earlier this week, it was time to hit up Rock Bottom for the tapping of their Naughty Scot Wee Heavy. I don’t normally make it to Rock Bottom (RB) for their … Continue reading

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