Wine Affairs now has Pliny the Elder on tap

My favorite wine bar, Wine Affairs, has just announced vie email blast that they are now carrying Russian River’s Pliny the Elder (PtE) on tap. I’ve gotten some advanced warning of this from the local homebrew clubs but Wine Affairs owner Diane Chang-Laurent just made it official today. Here is the information taken straight from the email:

To All Russian River Fans:

After the long wait, Wine Affairs finally made it to Russian River’s allocation list for Pliny the Elder on tap. Wine Affairs is the only one that has Pliny on tap in San Jose area starting Wed, 4/13.

Due to limited amount for the allocation (Wine Affairs get 2 kegs per month), we will serve Pliny as first come first serve bases. Once we run out, we will go back on serving bottles until our next shipment come in. Thank you for understanding.

Hope you enjoy the Pliny on tap!

Best Regards,

Diane Chang-Laurent

Kinda strange how a wine bar, of all places, is the first location in San Jose to get PtE on tap but you gotta give it to them for having tenacity to get this beer in and the sophistication to want it in the first place.

I just placed a call in with Diane as there is an error in the email blast. PtE will be tapped on Wednesday, 4/14, and not on 4/13 as it says above. She has the day correct but not the date. Despite having about half a dozen PtE bottles at home, I will be there tomorrow as there’s nothing quite like PtE on tap. I hope to see some of you there!

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2 Responses to Wine Affairs now has Pliny the Elder on tap

  1. Derrick says:

    Good chance I’ll make it. Does this give the South Bay a little more craft beer cred?

  2. easong says:

    I better get by Wine Affairs and get my Pliny before the Gordon-Beirsch mafia forces them to stop selling hoppy beer.

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