1st Annual Lindsay Wildlife Museum Chef & Brewmaster Dinner

The Lindsay Wildlife Museum is planning their 1st Annual Chef & Brewmaster Dinner. Beers will be provided from Bay Area craft brewery Ale Industries while the cuisine will be prepared by Chef James Koskiniemi, Chef/Owner of A Grand Affair Catering. Details are below:

Who: Lindsay Wildlife Museum, featuring Ale Industries and Grand Affair Catering
What: 1st Annual Chef & Brewmaster Dinner
Where: 1001 B Street, Hayward, CA 94541 map
When: Friday, August 13, 2010 @ 6pm
Cost: $85/pp; Call Mary at (925) 627-2951 to make your reservations or go to their website at www.wildlife-museum.org/brewmaster to purchase tickets directly.

Notes: This dinner is a benefit for the museum’s education and wildlife programs. Both Chef Koskiniemi and Brewmaster Morgan Cox will be on hand to talk about their pairings; a visit from one of the museum’s animal ambassadors is also on the menu. Speaking of menu…


First Course

Food: Seared Ahi Tuna
Beer: Orange Kush, 4.4% ABV

Second Course

Food: Chilled Gaspacho
Beer: Bliss, 3.5% ABV

Third Course

Food: Liberty Duck Confit
Beer: Rye’d Piper, 5.8% ABV

Fourth Course

Food: Baked Chevre and Summer Truffle
Beer: Extra Pale Ale, 5.3% ABV

Fifth Course

Food: Marscapone Stuffed Chocolate Strawberry
Beer: Fuzzy Snow-Beck, 8.5% ABV

For more information regarding the beers of Ale Industries, click here. To learn more about the Lindsay Wildlife Museum and all the awesome, animal things they do there, click here.

Mrs. BetterBeerBlog and I will be there, although not necessarily in the capacity you would normally expect. Curious? Sign up for the dinner and find out what we’re up to.

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One Response to 1st Annual Lindsay Wildlife Museum Chef & Brewmaster Dinner

  1. Derrick says:

    Looks interesting, but won’t be able to make it due to a family thing. Looks interesting, and Bliss is quite the nifty session beer. Not sure how it will actually pair with gaspacho, and unfortunatley, won’t find out.

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