2012 Better Brew Tasting Garden at SubZERO Festival

In a little less than a month, the 5th Annual SubZERO festival will be taking place in downtown San Jose. This festival will feature “emerging and present subcultures thriving in our region”. This do-it-yourself festival will have a variety of artists, designers, and musicians showcasing their works. In the middle of it all, BetterBeerBlog will be hosting the Better Brew Tasting Garden - a craft beer festival featuring many local breweries – to promote and support the craft beer culture of the south bay.

Better Brew Tasting Garden Event Details

Who: BetterBeerBlog, SubZERO, and Lagunitas Brewing Company
What: Better Brew Tasting Garden craft beer festival
Where: The parking lot located at 1st Street and San Salvador, San Jose, CA
When: Friday, June 1, 2012 @6pm – 10pm*
Cost: Free to get in, pay as you go.

Map to the Better Brew Tasting Garden.

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Participating Breweries

If you’re a craft brewery and are interested in participating, email betterbeerblog [at] gmail.com. Breweries with an asterisk (*) by their names will be pouring from the Bay Brewers Guild booth.

Music & Food

As with last year’s event, there will be a music stage in the Better Brew Tasting Garden and gourmet food trucks will be nearby to satisfy your culinary cravings.


Here is the event schedule:

  • 6pm – Better Brew Tasting Garden opens
  • 9:30pm – Drink ticket sales close.
  • 10pm – All breweries will be shut down except for Lagunitas Brewing Company.
  • 10:30pm – Lagunitas Brewing Company will shut down.
  • 11pm – Stage will shut down.

All breweries will be shutting down at 10pm with the exception of the Better Brew Tasting Garden sponsor, Lagunitas Brewing Company, who will stay open until 10:30pm.


As much as I’d like to think I have tireless amounts of energy, the Better Brew Tasting Garden cannot run without the help of dedicated and passionate volunteers. We will be looking for volunteers to help us administer the Better Brew Tasting Garden. There will be several shifts available: opening, mid, and closing. If you are interested in volunteering, email betterbeerblog[at]gmail.com and I will send you the sign-up form or click here.


Proceeds from the Better Brew Tasting Garden will go towards the South First Fridays, an organization working toward promoting Arts & Culture in downtown San Jose. They’re responsible for the First Friday Artwalks that happen in downtown San Jose and the SubZERO counter culture festival.

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