Beer and Food Pairing

Beer is a beverage that is able to hold it’s own in the culinary world. It can be a complex and sophisticated beverage capable of bold flavors, subtle nuances and layers upon layers of flavor. With over 73 different styles of beer, it would seem the possibilities to find a harmonious beer and food pairing are limitless. And make no mistake, it’s true. Yet, when was the last time you mentioned anyone talk about a beer/food pairing outside of “Let’s just order a pepperoni pizza and pick up a sixer of Bud”?

So the idea of Beer and Food Pairing Events was born. These events give me the opportunity to expose people to different types of beer, educate people about beer history and style backgrounds as well as how these beers pair up with food. Some pairings are pretty obvious while others seem to come right out of left field. Most importantly, these events give me and everyone attending a chance to have a good time, to laugh a little, and meet new people.

Below is a list of menus for a few events I have already hosted. Feel free to download them and take a look. Email me and let me know if you’ve tried some of the pairings yourself or if you have interesting pairings you’d like to share.

If you like what you’ve seen and would like to book me to host a Beer and Food Pairing Event for you, please do not hesitate to email me for more information.


Beer and Cheese and Dessert Menu This was a 6-course tasting with 4 courses focusing on beer/cheese pairings and 2 on beer/desserts.

Beer and Mexican Food Menu This was also a 6-course tasting focusing on beer and Mexican cuisine pairings. Some courses were more successful than others, overall, a great learning experience and fun for all.
Fall and Winter Beer Menu Yet another 6-course tasting. This time, we catered the food ourselves with the help of our culinary consultant Judy. We had a variety of food and this was a complete success!
Malternative: Beer and Dessert We had initially wanted to throw this event around Valentine’s Day so we could give our friends and alternative to the cliché Valentine’s Day activities that are available year after year.What we didn’t count on was everyone being out of town on account of President’s Day weekend. So we moved the event back a couple of weeks to accommodate more guests.It’s been almost a year since our first Beer and Food Pairing Event. In addition to honoring Valentine’s Day, we wished to commemorate the approximate anniversary of our very first beer and food pairing event.Click on the image to see what the menu for this event looks like.
BetterBeerBlog Private Event We were asked to host this beer and food party as a private event. As a result, I didn’t promote this on BetterBeerBlog but now that it’s been a couple of months, I think I can share this menu with everyone.For the sake of keeping costs in line, we streamlined the menu to just 4 items. The shortened menu was a hit and I think we’ll be doing another event of this size again soon

Click on the image to see what the menu for this event looks like.

Spring Fling Beer and Food Event Our first outdoor event of the year. Since it is technically late spring, I named this event “Spring Fling”. We featured a pared down menu this time around but I think this is the way we’ll be doing things now. As much as we would love to have a full-on 6-course meal, it’s just not cost effective for us.The menu design also deviated from previous designs. Instead of me designing the menus, I just leveraged the graphic from the Evite we used.

Surprisingly, this event “sold out” in about 4 days. I’m expecting our next event to be the same.

A Mid-Summer's Day Beer and Food Event A 5-course beer, food and mead pairing event in honor of Mead Day.I started off the event with a mead-making demo to show everyone how easy it is to make mead.

Click here or on the image to get to learn more.

Let's Get Lit: Beer, Food and Cigar Pairing Event A 4-course beer, food and cigar pairing event. BetterBeerBlog hosted the beer and food part of the event while Joe from Rocco’s Cigar Lounge walked us through the cigar pairing portionClick here or on the image to learn more.
Beer & Dessert at Wine Affairs This was my first Beer & Food Event I held at a location outside of a private residence. Wine Affairs in downtown San Jose was kind enough to let us hold our event here.This Beer & Dessert Event was in conjunction with SF Beer Week.

Click here or on the image to get to learn more.

Unfortunately no image of the menu for this one. This was a Beer & Dessert Pairing Event held at a private residence.This was a 4-course event with 2 beers paired with each course. Something different but fun!

Click here or on the image to get to learn more.

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