Beer and Food Pairing Event: A Taste of Summer

Beer and Food Pairing Event: A Taste of SummerThis was a 6-course tasting with 4 courses focusing on beer/cheese pairings and 2 on beer/desserts. Pairing beer and cheese is something you don’t hear of often which is too bad. An even greater hidden treasure is the pairing of beer and dessert. In the beginning there were a lot of skeptical faces but by the end, I had convinced the skeptics I wasn’t crazy after all.

You can download the .pdf menu here.


Course 1
Weihenstephaner “Hefe Weissbier” paried with Goat Cheese

Course 2
Pyramid’s Apricot Wheat paired with Brie

Course 3
Sierra Nevada’s Summerfest paired with Havarti

Course 4
Unibroue’s Don de Dieu paired with Blue Stilton


Course 1
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout Vanilla Ice Cream Float

Course 2
Lindeman’s Framboise paired with Fudge Brownies

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