Beer and Food Pairing Event: Mexican Standoff

Beer and Food Pairing Event: Mexican StandoffThis was also a 6-course tasting focusing on beer and Mexican cuisine pairings. Some courses were more successful than others. For example, some of the dishes had a significant amount of heat that, at the time, I found difficult to pair with. Some of the later dishes could’ve gone either way, so I offered two choices of beer.

You can download the .pdf menu here.

Course 1
Cerveza: Corona Extra, 4.6% ABV
Comida: Tortilla Chips with Fresh Salsa

Course 2
Cerveza: Cave Creek–Chili Beer, 4.2% ABV
Comida: Shrimp Cocktail

Course 3
Cerveza: Hoegaarden–Original White Ale, 4.9% ABV
Comida: Nopalitos (Cactus)

Course 4
Cerveza: Faultline Brewing Company–Hefeweizen, ~ 4.5% ABV
Comida: Cheese Enchiladas

Course 5
Cerveza: Rabbit’s Foot Meadery–Honey Red, 5.0% ABV
Cerveza: Rabbit’s Foot Meadery–Biere de Miele, 4.2% ABV
Comida: Beef and/or Fried Fish Tacos

Course 6
Cerveza: Rogue Ale Brewery–Mocha Porter, 5.30% ABV
Cerveza: Peter’s Homebrew–Pale Ale, ~ 5.00% ABV
Comida: Coconut Flán

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