Let’s Get Lit: Beer, Food and Cigar Pairing Event

Let's Get Lit: Beer, Food and Cigar Pairing Event
I’ve been wanting to do a beer, food and cigar pairing event for some time now and with the help of Joe from Rocco’s Cigar Lounge in downtown San Jose, we were able to make this a reality.

The menu is listed below but is slightly different than what we actually served. Instead of a Rocky Patel Sun Grown, Joe substituted a Punch Imported Sun Grown. And the dessert lacked the cherries and chocolate mint leaf. Other than those two changes, everything else was the same.

Click on the image to see a .pdf version of the menu.

Course 1
Beer: Lagunitas Sirius High-Gravity Cream Ale
Culinary Pairing: Chicken tortilla soup

Course 2
Beer: Alaskan Smoked Porter
Culinary Pairing: Smoked salmon “cigars” with soy vinaigrette

Cigar: Punch Imported Sun Grown

Course 3
Beer: Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA
Culinary Pairing: Tri-tip with mashed sweet potatoes and steamed vegetables

Course 4
Beer: Ommegang Three Philosophers Blended Belgian Ale
Culinary Pairing: Three-layer chocolate shooters garnished with cherries, chocolate mint, and cocoa shavings

Avo Classic

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  1. Being a student in the culinary student, cigar and pipe smoker and a beer lover your blog is what I have been looking for great job.

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