For the most part, BetterBeerBlog is essentially a one man job. And that one man is me, Peter. I write the lion’s share of the blog posts, take a great deal of the photographs and run them through image production. But I realized that I can’t do everything so I ask for a little help from my friends.

This page lists the contributors to BetterBeerBlog. If you’d like to contribute to BetterBeerBlog, contact me and let’s talk about the details. As much as I’d love to be everywhere to cover everything beer-related, I realize that I can’t. Besides, collaborations are much more fun!

peterPeter – Yep, that’s me. I went to school to San Jose State University where I earned my degree in Graphic Design. I’m a graphic designer in my day job, specializing mostly in demand generation through eCommerce but I’ve also worked in Marketing Communications.

While in college, I took up home brewing as a hobby inspired by an article he read in the college paper. Because of my experiences in home brewing, I discovered the world of craft beer and grew out of macro lagers and into the world of micro and craft beers.

In addition to home brewing, I am a Certified-level BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) Beer Judge. As glamorous as that sounds, it really isn’t. My job as a BJCP judge it to find out what wrong with a beer and provide constructive feedback. It’s easy to know which beers are good but much harder to find out why they’re not.

I guess I can add published writer to my list of accomplishments as I’ve recently had a major article published in Beer Connoisseur magazine. If you’d like to subscribe to the magazine, click here and use my promo code FBC-0110. (In the name of full disclosure, I’d like to say that if you do use my promo code, I get a paid a little bit of money by the magazine for helping to promote them.)

sammySamboun - Samboun, better known as Sammy, is my wife, best friend, occasional designated driver and drinking buddy. I don’t think BetterBeerBlog would be as robust as it would be without her feedback and support.

I believe her palette is slightly more refined than my own. In particular, her sense of smell is a bit more acute than mine and I often asks for her opinion regarding the aroma of a beer if I’m having some trouble pulling a particular smell into distinction.

joannaJoanna - Joanna is my sister and serves as our culinary consultant. Joanna graduated from the Professional Culinary Institute (PCI) located in Campbell, California. In addition to her formal training, Joanna also has several years experience working professionally.

She has since become a new mother and is focusing on her family.

judyJudy - Judy is our other culinary consultant. She is a family friend of Sammy’s and has studied at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Despite her young age, she is a valuable asset in the kitchen.

Unfortunately Judy’s current job isn’t as flexible as her old job so she hasn’t been able to help us out lately.

michael-dianeDiane & Michael – Diane and Michael were originally readers of BetterBeerBlog but have gone on to become one of my good friends. They travel extensively in search of great craft beer and on occasion, they guest blog about the events they’ve been to and the experiences they’ve had.

rabid-brewerThe Rabid Brewer – Strangely enough, my first experiences with the Rabid Brewer didn’t even involve me. The Rabid Brewer met a really good friend of mine while touring Pyramid Brewing Company in Berkeley. My buddy gave Rabid Brewer my blog URL and he became a reader. By the time I finally met him in person, it happened to be at a homebrew club pub crawl.

Despite being a relative newbie to the homebrewing world (having started brewing in September 2009), he has since brewed up over 40 batches of beer. It was his fervent dedication to homebrew that made me comfortable asking Rabid Brewer to be a regular contributor to BetterBeerBlog covering primarily the local homebrewing scene.

8 Responses to Contributors

  1. Good day Peter, I have tried contacting a couple of south bay brew masters for the dinner we are trying to do…I have called Campbell Brewery and will meet with Jim on Wednesday…and have left a message for El Torro and Tied house. If you have any in’s for me in this area I would appreciate it…



  2. Hello,

    My name is John Patterson owner and operator of Modern Moxie at I love microbrew and rare brews from all over the world. I would love to work with you to promote beer education and the love of great beer (not the watered down lagers most call beer). I think that my blog would offer content that your readers would enjoy and benefit from both a lifestyle and beer standpoint. I look forward to working together. Feel free to contact me any time.



  3. Bret says:

    Can I get a quote on how much a text link on your site would cost? I can email you further details if you’re interested.

  4. Peter! I love it! Thank you for the great pictures and blog post! It was a pleasure having you there and I will be sure to invite you to the next Science of Beer we do in 2012!!


  5. Hi Peter,
    I am located in South Wisconsin and have a product that my small business makes. It is geared towards beer lovers. I would like to know if you would put it on your blog site, give it a mention maybe after using it or let me advertise or whatever you would be open to. I could send you one and you can use it and review it.
    If you are interested and respond, I’d be happy to talk more about my product to you.

    Thanks Peter.

  6. Scott Picker says:

    Hi Peter,

    My name is Scott Picker and I am the founder of If you get time, please take a peek at the website and let me know if you have any interest in collaborating.



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