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Hopinions: Craft Beer Hall of Fame

It’s been a while since I’ve penned a Hopinions piece with my fellow craft beer blogger Mario, from Brewed for Thought. I think I found a topic that I think many of our readers will enjoy, and hopefully foster some … Continue reading

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Hopinions: It’s Not All Unicorns and Rainbows

Update: Anchor CEO Keith Greggor issues a public statement in response to Boston Beer Company Lawsuit. You can view the statement on BeerNews.org but I’ve also copied and pasted it at the end of Mario’s last piece below. On this … Continue reading

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Hopinions: Size Matters?

This week on Hopinions, Mario and I discuss the new definition of “craft brewer” as defined by the Brewer’s Association. Specifically, we originally discussed Boston Beer Company’s (makers of Samuel Adams) exclusion from “craft beer” because they were poised to … Continue reading

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The Session #31: Summer Beers

I initially suggested the topic of Summer Beers because no one else had, which surprised me. I thought this would be a fairly straightforward topic to write about but it wasn’t. Summer has kept us pretty busy here at BetterBeerBlog … Continue reading

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John Watson hits the big Five-Oh, crack open that Utopia

Sammy and I spent our Tuesday night celebrating the 50th birthday of our friend John Watson. John is a Grandmaster 2 level BJCP judge. What this means, simply put, is that John knows his beer. I first met John at … Continue reading

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Hopinions: What makes a craft brewery?

In this edition of Hopinions Mario and I discuss what makes a craft brewery. Is it a numbers game? Is it technicalities? Or is it what the company does? Read on to see what we have to say. From: Peter … Continue reading

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Beer Wars Movie Recap

Beer Wars has changed how I view the beer industry on a fundamental level. As someone who has designs on entering the brewing industry, I can say this movie has made me take a step back and take pause to … Continue reading

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